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Singapore Budget Travel Guide


Singapore…The Lion City

Singapore also known as the Lion City is not only famous for being an employment hub of workers from around the globe, it is also known for its wonderful beauty attractions that offers much needed relaxations for the hard working locals and travellers alike.

If travelling on a budget, besides looking for cheap hotels in Singapore, you might want to check out the budget airlines like Jetstar, AirAsia and Tiger Airways when it comes to airfares so you can have the extra cash when you land in Singapore. You may also want to consider flying in and departing during the middle of the week as rates are lower during that days.

Cheap food in Singapore hawker centres

When it comes to eating, the food courts or what are commonly called as hawker centres are advisable for tourists to try. Not only will you get to be with the locals while eating here, you are also assured that you are eating foods that you can afford under your budget. These hawker centres are recommended by other travellers not only for variety of dishes but also for being clean at the same time.

In travelling around Singapore, you might want to use the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) because it goes almost everywhere in Singapore and will not cost you that much unlike taking taxis. The MRT could be ridden right from the Changi Airport. It is also air conditioned so it is highly convenient for travelling.

To kick off your Singapore tour, nature lovers may want to visit the scenic view offered by Mount Faber or get to know other living creatures by visiting the Singapore Zoo and the Night Safari, which is one of the largest zoos in the world to date. Singapore is also known for its renowned Sentosa Island which is an island resort in Singapore that houses the Universal Studios Singapore. If you would like to see a rainforest that is located within a city, Singapore has one, called Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and if you would like to totally escape the hustle and bustle of the city itself, then you should definitely check out Ubin to have that complete relaxation that you need.

Though Singapore is known to be an expensive city, you can still find good bargains for places to stay in during your travel. Cheap hotels in Singapore such as Hotel 81, the Singapore Chinatown Budget Hotels and Katong and Joo Chiat Budget Hotels might be a good place to start for your hotel hunting.

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Hong Kong Airport Bus or MTR Airport Express


Most travelers on a budget would have a tough time deciding whether to use the Hong Kong Airport Express train or the Airport Bus services to transfer from Hong Kong International Airport, one of the world’s best airports according to CNNGo, to town. Here’s a guide for you.

Generally, the most affordable way to travel in Hong Kong is by public transport. Hong Kong’s extensive MTR and bus network operates efficiently and till late at night, making it easy and affordable for travellers to move around.

From the airport to Kowloon or Hong Kong island, you are better off taking the Airport Express train or Hong Kong Airport Buses, which cost up to 90% lower than taxis.

Hong Kong Airport Express Train

The challenge here is to understand which option to use (Hong Kong Airport Express or buses), as the prices are quite different.

2-way Airport Express to Hong Kong island costs HKD 180 and takes 35 minutes, while 2-way Airport Bus costs about HKD 80 and takes slightly over 1 hour each way. You save HKD 100 per person by taking 30 minutes more on buses. That said, HKD 100 is just about USD 13 and your precious time in Hong Kong could be worth more than that… so which option to choose?

Hong Kong Airport Bus

To answer this question, you have to see where you are heading to. If your hotel is near the Airport Express stops at Kowloon or Hong Kong, then it definitely makes more sense to take the Airport Express train. If your hotel is situated far away from the train stations, then you probably would have to transfer to MTR or a taxi when you arrive at either of the Airport Express stops. This means more time needed and would narrow the gap between the time needed for Airport Express vs Airport Bus.

There are many Airport Bus routes, and many of them stop directly outside major hotels and cheap hotels in Kowloon and Hong Kong. You can see if your hotel is served by an Airport Bus route before deciding. That could make it easier and faster for you especially if you have luggage with you.

On the other hand Airport Express train may not be as expensive as it seems, if you intend to make use of MTR and bus services during your stay in Hong Kong. Tourists can purchase a 3-day Octopus card which allows unlimited use of MTR and bus services in Hong Kong plus a return trip on the Airport Express train. This costs HKD 300 (USD 39) and is very good value because it includes a refundable deposit of HKD 50, which makes the cost actually HKD 250 only.

Hong Kong Airport Express Travel Pass for tourists

And hold on… we always know where to find the best travel deals, so here’s another tip for you – if you buy the 3-day pass online, you get a HKD 15 discount, making it just HKD 235! Which means you effectively pay just HKD 55 more for 3 days of unlimited travel on MTR and buses!

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Best prices for tours & activities


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$140 off bookings at Zuji Singapore


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Furthermore, you will receive a $60 Zuji Singapore voucher which you can use on your next booking.

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